The Language of Crows: the Book of the American Crow.

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The Language of Crows: The book of the American crow

The Language of Crows: The Book of the American Crow.

Including the CD, "Introduction to the Language of Crows".

ISBN: 9780937992005
216 pages

”I've had a chance to read your fascinating book -- I learned a lot! I've read Marzluff & Angell, In the Company of Crows and Ravens, and Bernd Heinrich's Mind of the Raven" and "Ravens in Winter, also Candace Savage, Crows. Your book adds information I didn't find in any of them.” - Sheila Finch, author of The Guild of Xenolinguists

Give the gift of crows!

Once folks discover the fascinating lives of crows, a whole new world opens to them, one filled with engaging families and delightful characters who live right in their own neighborhood. What could be a better gift than opening your friends ' eyes to the world of crows and, according a great deal of feedback, nothing does that better than reading "The Language of Crows."

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Other Unsolicited Readers’ Comments

"By the way, do read Mike Westerfield's new book The Language of Crows. It's quite wonderful." David Morse, author of The Iron Bridge.

"Great book!! Enjoyable read, very informative!"

"Definitely the best book on American crows."

"I expected it to be good. What I didn't expect was that I wouldn't be able to put it down."

"Thank you so much for your lovely book. I started to read it right away, read it straight through because I found it hard to put down, and have found myself at total, rapt attention ever since, the few times I've encountered crows! So I think you have done a wonderful service. Your writing is lucid and entertaining, and it's a kick to read the variety of accounts."

“We just received a copy of your book and CD and are mightily impressed! An excellent summary of existing knowledge and exquisitely written.”

“I have enjoyed reading The Language of Crows immensely and when I turned the last page my only regret was that the book did not continue on.”

"I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your book - the layout, the information and the excerpts from other crow enthusiasts!”

"The book is wonderful. The cover is perfect. Good job."


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A dozen years of collaborative research on the language and culture of crows has been distilled down into an entertaining and highly informative new book, The Language of Crows: the book of the American crow. The book, which tells you just about everything you ever wanted to know about crows, is enlivened by dozens of actual observation reports that were submitted to the website over the years. Many of these reports illustrate seldom observed aspects of crow behavior, some of which are amazing and/or downright hilarious. In addition to major sections on crow language, life history and behavior, a large portion of The Language of Crows is devoted to human interactions with crows, ranging from creating backyard feeding stations to caring for “orphaned” and injured birds.

The enclosed CD includes numerous examples of the vocalizations of free living crows with explanations of the circumstances under which each is used. The sound files are uncompressed and are suitable for acoustic analysis, although there is considerable environmental noise on some of the recordings.

A great gift for the crow lover in your life!

CONTENTS OF The Language of Crows

1. Who are the Crows
2. Nesting Season
3. Learning Season
4. Crows at Play
5. Roosting Season
6. Problem Crow Roosts
7. Crow Funerals
8. Befriending Wild Crows
9. Companion Crows
10.Language of Crows, Part One: The Background
11.Language of Crows, Part Two: Learning Crow
12.We Are Not Alone
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