Observation Logs, Maryland, U.S.A. The American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos.

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Maryland Crow Observation Logs

Updated: November 18, 2001.

This section includes reports of various observers from the State of Maryland.

Baltimore, MD: July 22, 2001.

Location_Description: Busy street and we found 2 crows dead. I am not sure if they were sick or just were just hit by the car.

Behavior: Please help..we had a family of crows in our tree. Several were only a few weeks old. Two crows were dead in the street and we buried them. I'm not sure if they were the babies or parents or a parent and a baby. But it seems like they rest of them kept circling the area with their cawing. I guess I can't do anything, but sort of behavior should we expect. I really feel sorry for them. I don't know how to help them. (barbara chlan).

Laurel, Maryland, USA: Early December, 2000 (reported 5/24/2001)

Location_Description: The parking lot of the Laurel Lakes Shopping Center in front of the Safeway is not usually a prime location for observing wildlife. Behavior: Upon this occasion, I saw two sea gulls squabbling over a piece of something. Two large crows, species undetermined, flew down and watched briefly, looked at each other, nodded and walked over to the gulls. Each crow began to egg on, no other possible interpretation for this one, one of the gulls. That is, each crow picked a gull and goaded it until the gulls began to fight. When they eventually rolled each other away from the piece of whatever, the crows walked over, split it and walked away with it. The whole process took less than five minutes.

Comments: This may have been nothing more than sheer opportunism, but it was deliciously audacious. This was pure mischief making and could only have been some form of play.

Maryland: 12/13/99

Location_Description: My back yard where I regularly put out food for the crows.

Behavior: Yesterday I had put out some dried corn on the cob for the birds. This morning I was enjoying watching the crows have a small feast out there. The youngest of the group of four crows was being a "pest" to the others eating, trying to take their food. At one point, this "pesty" youngster decided to pull the corn from the shuck end while the older crow was on the cob end. All of a sudden, there was a fight - one of the older crows had the youngster pinned to the ground on his back and was "beating him up". There was all manner of crow screaming going on. Of course, the crow lover that I am, I opened the window and started yelling - that didn't help - so a bit of loud clapping did! They continued screaming up in the trees - mad screams at that! Then, screaming and flying after the youngster. The "youngster" was smaller than the others, which is why I have determined it to be younger.

Comments: I wonder if they were trying to teach this youngster a lesson?(Laura Downey)

Montgomery County, Maryland: September-December 1999

Location_Description: From Exit 11 of I-270 to near the Montgomery Jail

Behavior: Three separate "waves" of crows about 3 miles apart flying across 270 and leaving and returning at the same time during the day. (I know that's obvious to everyone who knows about crows. But it was really was wonderful when I noticed that to myself) Comments: I have two questions. Where are they going? What are they doing for eight hours? I always joke that they are "going to work" because they go and come back at the same time I do. (And probably get paid more than I do!) A couple of years ago when I drove a different route home from work they could be seen in one endless black wide line flying southeast from the mysterious place northwest at the intersection of Veirs Mill and Norbeck Rd at 5:30PM as if they all formed one big line. (Kathy Helt)

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