Observation Logs, Minnesota, U.S.A. The American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos.

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A Flight of Crows

Minnesota Crow Observation Logs

This section includes reports of various observers from the State of Minnesota.

UPDATED: November 18, 2001

Minneapolis, Minnesota: July 20 -23, 2001.

Location_Description: My back yard, under the birdfeeder. Residential area of Minneapolis, MN

Behavior: I've observed a crow under my birdfeeder eating spilled bird seed or insects laying flat on the ground with its wings spread out completely flat to the ground. Before getting in this position, the crow looked back & forth several times as if watching for predators, then laid down and spread its wings completely out and began plucking seeds or bugs from the ground. A couple times I've noticed it with one wing resting on the brick edging under the feeder (about 2 inches high) and the other wing flat on the ground. The crow does not appear to have any difficulties in flying as it flew off normally when I stepped out of the house. I have seen this crow in this type of unusual position several times over the past couple days.

Minneapolis MN: July 17, 2001.

Location_Description: Residential area near small restaurants and stores. Grassy hill in front of a house, ending at the top of a cement wall.

Behavior: Five or six crows--not very large--were on lawn of this house. Several were sitting hunkered down in the grass, as if bathing, though there was no dust or water. Sometimes, when one came close to another the second would jump at the first and chase it off. Then one crow drew its wings close to its sides and rolled down the grass.

Comments: We couldn't believe we had seen this. It was like a child rolling down a hill for fun. We wonder if anyone else has seen this. Because these crows were not very large, we also wondered if they were young.

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