Observation Logs, New Brunswick, Canada. The American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos.

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New Brunswick Crow Observation Logs

This section includes reports of various observers from New Brunswick.

UNB Campus, Fredericton, Canada: 3/7/01 (reported 3/20/01)

Location_Description: The crows had gathered on the tops of the very large pine- trees which surround the campus.I have never seen them there before or since.

Behavior: There must have been at least one hundred or so crows. The cawing was magnificant! To the best of my knowledge, they were excited and all seem to be cawing together with no re- gard for question or answer. Comments: That day was a turning point for me as to how I look at crows. I do not know exactly what they were doing but it was awesome. They made their presence known and caused a couple dozen people to stop and watch in amazement. (ann gorham)

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