Observation Logs, Nova Scotia, Canada. The American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos.

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Nova Scotia Crow Observation Logs

Updated: June 20, 2001.

This section includes reports of various observers from Nova Scotia.

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: March 29, 2001

Location_Description: Barrington Street, a main downtown street running North -South This is a typical downtown, four streets up from a large Harbour and about a mile or so away from a alrge city wild park.

Behavior: Three crows seen , appearing to "frolic". At 9:00am. Weather was sunny and warm. They eventually landed in a low tree next to a university residence and began to caw. One bird's vocalizations were three short caws oine right after the other, the other two answered randomly with a variety of cawing. They saw me approach and flew a short distance away to observe. The third bird, who I am pretty certain I have encountered before due to its unusual vocal sounds. Stayed and watched me as I watched him. He cawed three times again, then made a strange sound which sounded a whole lot like a long Huuuulo sounds, similar to a seagull's cry, which it may me as there are a great many gulls here. He then made a deep throaty chuckling sound and followed that with his repetatinve 3 caws.

I came across a bird apporximately the same size two day prevoiously and he was along, high up on a scaffolding making the same 3 short cawing sounds until I showed up. I spent about 5 minutes talking back to this bird which was watching me. He continued with his "hullo" sounds and chuckling sounds. This would have been on Sunday morning, 25th of March. This bird on the 29th, did not answer to my whistles and clicking sounds as he had done on Sunday but he did not fly away until I walked away. As I was on my way to the Art College I had no more time to watch him.

There are two crows in the process of building a nest next to >Governtment house on Hollis Street.

Comments: I have been watching the city crows since January as I am doing a documentary project for my photography course. I have a lot of observations on them dating back from January and am fairly aware of the crows that "hang out" in this area. (Fiona Messer)

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