Observation Logs, Ohio, U.S.A. The American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos.

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Crows at a gravel pit staging area

Ohio Crow Observation Logs

This section includes reports of various observers from the State of Ohio.

Bay Village, Ohio: August 11, 2001

Cortland, Ohio: June 26, 2001

Each morning we are awakened about 5:30 A.M. with the chatter of what appears to be multiple numbers of crows. We live in a residential condo complex with a very narrow band of woods behind the complex. There are a complex of homes in back on the other side of the woods as well...probably only 100 yards of woods in width. The crows walk in the yard and have in our case dug up new grass which was planted which I understand they were digging for bugs. They are really loud and not only make their cawing sound, but also what sounds like a gaggle of geese sounding off all at once. They are annoying mostly because our area is retired persons who don't often get to sleep beyond 5:30 a.m. because of the cocophony of sounds from back of our homes. They must have a nesting place back more thing, they seem to only do this for about an hour then all is quiet until late afternoon.

Location_Description: Treed area adjacent to small park on Lake Erie

Behavior: Group of crows gathered in trees, some feeding on beach with gulls and ducks, others seemed to be disturbed by presence of group of vultures attracted by large numbers of shad dead on shore. Other than much "cawing " some of the crows were making a sound like the sound of a woodpecker knocking on a tree.

Comments: We have observed the crows making this sound on other occasions and there doesen't seem to be any pattern or reason for the sound but we have not heard of others hearing this sound. If anyone has an answer as to what this sound is we would be interested in knowing. (Ted Reynolds)

Youngstown, Ohio: Feburary 7, 2000

I live in the inner city. Recently there have been thousands of crows covering four blocks of trees. Although I am not home when they gather, they do wake me each morning about 6:30 am with their chatter, then they leave around 7:50 am.

I was wondering if you could tell me if these crows were possibly dislocated or just passing by? There are no wide open spaces, just lots of trees? I thought my area seemed a little out of character for the birds, but I just thought I'd drop a little line to let you know..(Benita Williams)

Cleveland, Ohio, USA: 12/11/99

Location_Description: Parking lot of a large grocery store. While I was waiting for the light to change, I observed two crows by a Burger King bag. One crow looked in the bag and alerted his companion that the bag was worth pursuing. The other crow picked up the bag by the bottom and flew about a foot off the ground and emptied the contents of the bag onto the pavement. Lunch was served. (Zoe Kiefer)

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