Observation Logs, Scotland, U.K. Corvids in General.

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Scotland Crow Observation Logs

Loch Leven, Scotland: Submitted March 20, 2000

Location_Description: Obviously this is not a new observation, all though I have seen similar behavior involving sled dogs. Kieth Brockie, an outstanding wildlife artist living in Scotland, redprted this in his book "Kieth Brockie's Wildlife Sketchbook": "I stopped to draw some whooper swans in a stubble field by the road and found 11 Bewick's swans amongst them, a rare visitor to Scotland. While sketching I was intrigued to watch a common crow striding up to a pair of Bewick's which were nearest me. To my astonishment it proceeded to pull the swan's tail. only jumping back when the swan lashed out angrily at it. This went on for five minutes. Another crow joined the first for a few pulls. Sheer devilment."

Comments: If you havn't seen any of Kieth's work, it will behoove you to seek a copy at your library. (E. D. Stokes)

Glasgow, Scotland: Since early 1997

In the woods behind my house, there is a pair of birds one looks like a raven, the other a crow. They mate and each year produce young. Something happens and none of the young survive. There is also a juvenile or female, when it first appeared it had a red beak. I know Scotland is not America, but I want info and to help expand your knowledge to other countries.

The 3 can recognise me when I arrive home, they swoop and "caw" above my head. They also swoop on my dog. I have heard them create some strange calls... one informs the other birds of a sparrow hawk. The noise is a sharp "Krup". The other is when a fox or cat is present, it differs, but is mainly an angry sounding "Kaw".

Comments: These are highly intelligent birds which I treasure and admire. I would be greatful if you could get back to me on this matter. (Crawford Milne)

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