Observation Logs, Tanzania. The American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos.

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Tanzania Crow Observation Logs

Updated: June 20, 2001

This section includes reports of various observers from Tanzania, East Africa.

Zanzibar, Tanzania, East Africa: 1990 (reported 2/25/01)

Location_Description: On a hotel rooftop in Old Town, Zanzibar, in the Indian Ocean (frankly, these may have been ravens!)

Behavior: A dripping faucet on a hotel rooftop, was the only visible source of water on Zanzibar during the dry season. The crows (or ravens) had formed a line to wait to take their turn at drinking from the faucet. Each bird would drink, then fly off, and the next bird in line would move forward until it was their turn to drink.

Comments: The birds were peaceful and patient while waiting. There was no jumping ahead in line or fighting to get to the water first or sooner. It seemed highly civilized and intelligent. Crows have been in my life since I was small, waking me early in the morning in California and providing me with my first nursing experiences... crows with wounded legs or wings would let me take care of them. I've heard their caws all over the world now! (Lynn S Smith)

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