Observation Logs, Wisconsin, U.S.A. The American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos.

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Porch roof crow

Wisconsin Crow Observation Logs

This section includes reports of various observers from the State of Wisconsin.

Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.: early winter 2000 (reported 3/8/01)

Location_Description: Suburban back yard in an area bordered by golf course, many bird feeders in neighborhood.

Behavior: Two observations:

1. Crows would show up at the same time each day, waiting for me to throw the bread crusts out from my preschoolers lunch. If we were "late" they would be more restless.

2. This same group of 4 crows had one member that seemed to be in somewhat poor condition. I observed a white growth on its leg (round and nodullar) and on its head just above the eye(about 1/2 - 1") away. Its feathers were not as glossy and had a rusty cast to them. It would fly with the group but remain in the tree, sometimes rubbing its beak along the branch. Two of the others were solicitous of it, preening it and bringing it a share of the bread crusts. The other was a little further off from the group, (a loner, a sentinel?) and did not tend the bird, although it was a part of the group. I have not seen the ill bird since January, after we had hard rains ontop of high snow and another subzero blast.

Comments: these birds certainly seemed to learn our timetable in short order! I have been unable to find a source for what disorder this ill bird may have been suffering from. (Elizabeth Niblack-Sykes)

Superior, Wisconsin: Summer of 2000 (reported 1/20/01)

My noisy crow was late in arriving back to this area last Spring. I did not hear from him until May. At that time he was with another crow. I'm guessing it is his mate. He was up in a tree calling out and the other crow was preening him. Once in awhile he would make gruggling sounds. This winter he was not in the group of crows that stayed. I hope to see him this spring. (Chris Watten)

Superior, Wisconsin: Started June of 1998

I live in a downtown neighborhood. Houses very close together. Many tall pines. Two schools in a three block area. A large park with softball field. But not far from the shores of Lake Superior. I have been following the life a very flashy young crow. He came my notice because of his caw, it sounded more like a raven. He also robbed the nest of the purple finches that were nesting on my front porch. In his group he is the one is making most of the vocalizations. This past Nov he was with the group that did fly south.

He grabbed my interest because of how he stands out in a group. I hope he comes back this spring. (Chris Watten)

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